Loose Cannon and Harlequinade

What a lovely way to round off our 70th anniversary year!  The productions of Loose Canon and Harlequinade were absolutely delightful, full of humour, pathos, timing and energy.  Huge congratulations to the cast and crew of both, it looked like you were having a lot of fun.  It’s just a shame that it means our company is over – as according to the folks in Loose Canon, our Will didn’t write any of the plays, so what’s the point of a Shakespeare company??

Anyway, we in the SSA never stand still, so time to look forward to our March 2018 production of Richard III at the Square Tower.  The important information that you need to know now is that the expo is on Wednesday 22nd November, 7.30pm, at HQ.  Rob Bartlett will be outlining his vision for bringing the ghastly Gloucester to life in full medieval splendour, so make sure you are there.  The auditions will follow on Sunday 26th and Wednesday 29th November, times tbc.

Now is the Winter of our Content………..

Whilst the casts of Loose Canon and Harlequinade rehearse their way towards November’s productions, news arrives of our next presentation – Richard III.  This wonderful play, directed by Rob Bartlett, will be at the Square Tower from Tuesday 6th to Saturday 10th March, 2018, and Rob will be sharing his vision at the expo on Wednesday 22nd November, 19.30, at HQ.  The auditions will follow on Sunday 26th and Wednesday 29th November, times for which will be confirmed nearer the dates.  Rob is promising an authentic and visceral working of this classic text, so please come along and be part of it.

Whilst you are here, don’t forget to buy your tickets for November’s joint production.  You can already get tickets for Richard III as well!  How organised are we??

Three is the Magic Number!

Ok I’m biased, inevitably, but Conflicts, Seduction and Attempts On Her Life was a bit special.  It was one of those evenings where the SSA comes together at HQ and something great happens – in this case it was three experienced actors trying their hands at directing for the first time, and what the audience got was stillness, power, comedy, physicality, pathos, anger, lust, love, farce, all presented with a huge amount of thought about movement, timing and staging.  Massive congratulations to Courtney, Hazel and Mike for their directing debuts, and to their skilled cast members, all of whom contributed a huge amount to this fantastic evening.  Finally a big thank  you to Amy for pulling all this together, from the original idea pitched at committee through to this wonderful execution.

Feels Like The First Time

Our Summer Showcase evening is fast approaching – Thursday 31st August will see our 3 experienced actors demonstrating their directing skills for the first time.  Amy has been reaching out to the membership over Facebook and email for the past few weeks, so make sure you get your tickets for this fantastic members-only event

Here Comes The Summer!

The time may be right for lovin’, it may even be right for dancing in the street, but it is definitely right for acting!  Amy has been working hard on the Summer Showcase event, details of which are on this page – it all starts with the expo on Sunday 9th July, so don’t miss out.

Forever Autumn

Exciting news of our Autumn double header at the Station Theatre in November – the expo for Rattigan’s Harlequinade will be held on Thursday 15th June, click here for more details.  All are welcome, so be there to be part of our final birthday event.  There are also whispers that a certain Northern tyrant will be our focus in Spring 2018……………….. more to follow soon

Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday…………….

Our 70th birthday party, held in the Square Tower on Friday 5th May, was a wonderful event.  It was lovely to see so many members, old and new, and a real privilege to have our most senior member, Len Russell, cutting the birthday cake.  A huge thank you is due to Paula, Amy, Lauren and Bex for pulling it all together, and to our Chairperson, Terry, for his memorable words during the party.  Here’s to the next 70!

How Terribly Strange to be 70!

Well our 70th birthday year is in full swing.  First of all a huge bunch of congratulations to the cast and crew of Pericles, it was a great play with excellent reviews.  Being in the Square Tower again was lovely, it’s a building that adds such atmosphere to every production.  Our next main house production will be Rattigan’s Harlequinade, to be presented at the Station Theatre, Hayling Island in November, with an as-yet unnamed companion piece.  There will be more details on this in the next few weeks, so come back here to keep in touch.  To fill the gap between now and November we are looking to put on an evening of scenes directed by new directors, as we know there are many members who really want to try their hand at this in a safe and supported environment.  Word has already gone out to the membership about this event, so if you are interested, please respond asap.

Last but not least – Party!  We are having our 70th Birthday Party very soon, all the invitations have gone out and it promises to be a great night.  See you there!

The Winner Takes It All

Well the Daily Echo Curtain Call Awards proved to be a bit of a big night last Friday.  All our nominees came out as winners – Andy Thomas and Rob Bartlett for “Best Actor in a Shakespeare Play” (joint winners), Susie Coutts for “Best Actress in a Shakespeare Play”, Penelope Ping for “Best Supporting Actress in a Shakespeare Play” and Nick Downes for “Best Director of a Shakespeare Play”.  All of these awards were for the wonderous A Winter’s Tale.

The cast of A Winter’s Tale have only got a few weeks to get their tuxedos and sparkly frocks dry cleaned though, ready for March’s awards bash with our new friends at Curtain Up South.  Congratulations again to Andy, Penelope, Susie and Nick for their second nominations, and a big welcome to the list for Lara Cooper-Chadwick, who gets herself a “Best Actress” nomination.  The play itself is up for “Best Production”.

The rehearsals for Pericles are now well underway, so get your tickets soon.  Click on this link for more details