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 The Beggar’s Opera – Autumn 2022

Firstly, very many thanks to everyone who turned up to the Expo for Roseliska and for The Beggar’s Opera, and for those who have been in touch following that evening to lodge their interest.  There was a great atmosphere and we are very excited about the two productions in prospect for the SSA’s 75th anniversary year.  The production week is from Sunday 6th November to Saturday 12th November at The Station Theatre, Hayling Island.

The first audition for The Beggar’s Opera is at the Omega Street HQ on Sunday 8th May at   1 p.m. to 4 p.m. for EVERYONE who wants to be involved.  This is a SINGING audition and we shall start with a couple of ensemble pieces for everyone, then move on to solos and duets for main roles in the play.   You can download the sheet music for all songs (attached) and hard copies will be available at the audition.  You can also listen to all songs (listed on the attached sheet) by following the You Tube links.  They may not be EXACTLY the same, but will give you a good idea of the melodies.  Please do not feel you have to learn anything; just take some time  to listen along and get to know them.

The second audition is at the Omega Street HQ on Tuesday 10th May at 7.30 p.m.  This is for SPEAKING and the audition pieces are attached.   Hard copies will be available on the night.  Again, please do not feel you have to learn anything, but have a good read-through and be prepared to work in pairs and small groups.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me laurenfarnhill@yahoo.co.uk, mobile 07710 280763 or Terry mobile 07720 297369.  Finally, if you know of, or are in contact with, any individuals who may be interested in joining the SSA for this production (particularly instrumentalists and strong singers!), please feel free to pass on all this information and invite them to come along to auditions.

See you in Newgate jail,

Best wishes,

Lauren and Terry

Here is the link to the music

Beggars Music

Audition Songs

Beggar’s suggested audition songs Youths 1 Youths 2 Youths 3 Youths 4 Youths 5

Audition – Speaking Parts

Beggars and Filch and Peachum Beggars and Lockit and Lucy Beggars and Macheath and gang Beggars and Macheath ladies and drawer Beggars and Mrs Trapes Beggars and Peachum and Mrs Peachum Beggars and Polly and Macheath Beggars speaking and Beggar and Player

 If you have any questions or would like to get in contact with us then please email:thesouthseashakespeareactors@hotmail.co.uk

The SSA is a registered charity (registration number 1013000)