SSA Events

Throughout each year, the SSA will provide workshops and events for its members in addition to the main productions, so please check here regularly for what’s coming up. If you are thinking of joining, you are very welcome to come along to any of these events to meet us and experience how we work.

Whether you are interested in acting, directing or working behind the scenes, we hope some of our workshops will help build confidence and generate ideas.

Details of each event will be added to the dates below as soon as they are agreed, and please do contact us via if you have an idea or would like to run a workshop.

Workshops will usually begin at 7.30 in the SSA HQ and finish somewhere between 9 and 9.30.

Monday 9th January 

The Plays What We Haven’t Done Much – Vin workshops some scenes from King John.

Monday 6th February (Note Date Change)

Shakespeare’s Chums – Vin workshops some scenes from the comedy The Knight of the Burning Pestle by Francis Beaumont.

Wednesday 8th March 

Directing workshop with Nick: hints, tips and strategies for directors. Especially useful if you’re thinking of having a go!

Tuesday 11th April 

From Detail to the Bigger Picture: Steve Blackham will lead a workshop looking in detail at a variety of relationships and then outwards to show how they might translate visually on stage. Very useful to directors but of interest to all! Creativity and fun will be to the fore!!

Wednesday 3rd May 

 John Phillipson will share with us his approach to set design.

Monday 5th June 

Time to Act!

Come and enjoy an interesting and amusing ‘up-and-doing’ acting workshop, trying out some practical examples and ideas. Nick aims to provide really useful tips on:

  • approaching a text;
  • discovering and developing a character;
  • finding best ways to deliver lines.

Wednesday 5th July (Note Date Change)

Improvisation: You Couldn’t Make it Up…

Or perhaps you could – come along for an enjoyably busy evening of activities in which Vin will look at ways to use improvisation to:

  • explore your actions and reactions;
  • develop a scene;
  • devise new work;
  • create an evening’s entertainment out of nothing!

Wednesday 9th August 

Shakespeare’s Chums – Vin workshops some scenes from The Roaring Girl by Thomas Middleton and Thomas Dekker. The play is about the life of Mary Frith, a real life thief, fence and performer of lewd songs and dances. She may even have performed an afterpiece at one of the performances of the play!

Monday 11th September 

Nick looks at iambic pentameter and the use of thou, you and other slippery pronouns!

Tuesday 10th October 

Introduction to Original Pronunciation – Nick explores how the plays might have sounded when first performed.

Tuesday 14th November (Note Date Change)

Neil will lead a workshop on physical theatre techniques.

Wednesday 6th December 

The extraordinary and yet to be designed SSA Christmas Party!