As we’ve moved to a new website, here is the news from the past 12 months (for reference and old times’ sake and all that….)

October 2015

We’re back!! Apologies for our recent absence, enforced on us by the combined efforts of two of the most stupid web hosting providers in the known world. Your favourite website is back just in time to push the message that our next production, The Merry Wives of Windsor, starts in two weeks time. Directed by the rather wonderful Vin Adams, it promises to be a night of love, laughter and an old bloke with a beard, so buy your tickets now.

Whilst we’re talking about the website, we are working on a brand new look and feel to deliver all your favourite SSA news in a slightly less black and white way! Watch this space for further updates.

July 2015

Congratulations to Rob and all the cast of Cabin Pressure.  Presented as a radio play, this was a hilarious night with smoothness, stupidity and sass in abundance!

June 2015

It’s mid June and there’s only 2 more workshops to go – clear your diary for Wednesday 17th June and Thursday 2nd July

May 2015

Thanks to all of you who attended the AGM and the workshop afterwards.  It was lovely to see Len Russell, a member of the SSA since 1950 and one of our life members, and to hear some of his tales of the early days of the company.

That nice Mr Downes is running another workshop on Monday 8th June, so be there!

April 2015

The SSA AGM will take place on Tuesday 19th May 2015 at 7.15pm. It will be held at our HQ in Omega Street and will be followed by a workshop led by Vin Adams starting at around 7.45pm, so please attend and make both events a success!

The Chair, Treasurer and Secretary roles in the committee are elected for 3 year terms, and none of these roles are up for re-election this year:

  • Terry Wiseman was re-elected as Chair in 2014 and therefore has 2 more years in post
  • Courtney Appleton was elected as Secretary in 2014 and therefore has 2 more years in post
  • Paula Bartlett was re-elected as treasurer in 2013 and therefore has 1 more year in post

The remaining 7 posts on the committee are elected annually, and the following current post holders have agreed to stand for re-election

Lauren Farnhill, Rob Bartlet, Neil Gregory-Reader, Andy Thomas, James Rowland and Nick Downes
New nominations are welcomed for the post of committee member, if there are more candidates than posts available then a ballot will be held during the AGM. Proposals for the post should be signed by a proposer, seconder and the nominee, all of whom must be fully paid up members of the SSA. Nominations can be made by E Mail or by post, as follows:

1. Email – to the SSA e mail address (at the bottom of the Home page). Please ensure the email contains the appropriate wording from the proposer, seconder and nominee
2. Post – address tbc

Items for the formal AGM agenda are also welcomed, only items raised prior to the AGM and included in the agenda will be discussed and voted on (if necessary) during the AGM

Nominations for the post of committee member and items for the AGM agenda should arrive with the SSA Secretary, Courtney Appleton, by Tuesday May 5th. The AGM agenda, including nominations for election and items for discussion, will be published to all members by Tuesday May 12th via the SSA website, email and post (for non e-mail members)


Congratulations to the cast of Songologues II – The Best of British, excellent reviews and a great night for all!

February 2015

The SSA was well represented at this month’s Southampton Echo Curtain Call Awards.  For last spring’s production of Macbeth, Danny Carter was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Macduff , whilst Rob Bartlett’s Macbeth and Karen Gregory-Reader’s Lady Macbeth were nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress respectively.  Neil Gregory-Reader also picked up a nod for his direction of the Scottish play.  Matt Gibbins was nominated in the Best Actor category for Mercutio in November’s Romeo and Juliet, and Rob Bartlett got a nomination for directing the tale of the two doomed lovers.  Huge congratulations to all our nominees, it’s great to see the SSA being so well represented, and whilst it’s a shame that they couldn’t all be winners, it’s extra applause time for Danny, Neil and Matt who came away from the awards ceremony with the winner’s trophies in their hands.

The Songologues is back, and this time it’s the “Best of British”!  Loads of SSA types have been auditioning for this production, which will take place in early April.  There’ll be more details on the website soon!

January 2015

Congratulations to Aaron Holdaway, for winning the Best Amateur Actor category in The News Guide Awards, fantastic recognition for a great performance!

November 2014

Lots of news this month!

It’s Awards Season once again, and we have 3 SSA nominations in The News Guide Awards.  Aaron Holdaway has been nominated in the Best Amateur Actor category for Comedy of Errors, whilst both Macbeth and Comedy of Errors have been nominated in the Best Amateur Drama Production category.  Huge congratulations to Aaron and to all the cast and crew of the two productions, and a message to all of you – ignore Russell Brand, and get voting!

Mr Bartlett has pulled it off again! Congratulations to Rob, Jackson and all the cast and crew for Romeo and Juliet, which ran at the Station Theatre earlier this month.  As a cast member, your humble webmaster can’t be objective about this, so I’ll just say it was a load of fun to be in and it fully deserved the great audience reactions and reviews it received.  Chris and Phoebe stole the show and broke hearts as the star-crossed lovers, and there was some great servant acting by the Capulet crew, shame about those mangy Montagues!

Songologues is back – January 13th and 14th sees the return of the SSA to Rosie’s Vineyard to perform this popular piece.  Ticket details will be published soon.