Our Chrysalis

Like a butterfly, the Southsea Shakespeare Actor’s website is going through a transition.  The old black and white site – that was us as a caterpillar.  This lovely new site – well, it’s our chrysalis.  Eventually, beautifully, we will emerge from the chrysalis and all of you will say “wow, look at that gorgeous butterfly/website!” (end of tortuous analogy)

New Look New Identity

Seriously though – we are changing hosts, content management and design, and all the work is being done by a very talented Portsmouth University student (no names, don’t want to embarrass her) to whom we will be eternally grateful.  This new design enables us to lose all the coding problems associated with the black and white website, and to test/refine the content management system, so in the future we can roll out the final all singing, all dancing SSA website, which will incorporate social media feeds, more pictures, and will be a whole lot more colourful.

Today’s News

Tech issues aside, there are three very important things in today’s news:

First, massive congratulations to Vince and all the cast & crew of Merry Wives of Windsor.  It was a hilarious and well timed slapstick production, with fantastic individual turns and a very talented ensemble cast.  The set and sound worked perfectly and it was wonderful to have live music onstage.  If you want to revisit the magic, check out the photos on the Gallery page.

Southseashakespeareactors needs you Kitchener
Southsea Shakespeare Actors Needs You

Second – keeping the HQ clean and tidy is a major task, so the committee is asking as many members as possible to come along to an HQ clean up on Saturday 21st November at 10am.  We will be cleaning and painting, making some repairs, clearing away the costumes and props from Merry Wives and doing loads of tip runs, so bring yourselves, bring paint brushes, bring clothes, bring bin bags and bring cars!

Third – we are very pleased to announce that Nick Downes will be directing The Winter’s Tale next year.  This is our next main houseproduction and will be staged at The Square Tower in April.  Click here for details.